Extended Transcation Financing

Are you in need of financing for longer than 3 days? How about up to 90 days? With our Extended Transaction Financing ("ETF") program, distressed real estate investors may acquire a property, rehab it, and resell it to maximize their profit. Working with REOs? Dealing with seasoning issues? Oroton's ETF program provides the bridge funding that will allow the deal to get done.

  • We will NOT fund ANY deal unless you have your end-buyer in place.
  • An appraisal is required for EACH property in our ETF program.
  • Funding is available up to 90 days in our ETF program.
  • This ETF program is only available in NY, NJ, CT, and eastern portions of PA including Philadelphia.
  • Investor only pays our fee at closing with end-buyer.
  • Rates start at 4 points for 30 days.

Answer some of the questions to help us understand you as an investor and the urgency for funding:

a) Are you a principal, broker or both?  
b) How many deals have you closed?    
c) What is the primary purpose for the use of our funds?
d) How soon are you needing funds?
e) Your Name :  
f) Your E-Mail Address :   
g) City & State of Subject Property Needing Funds :


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